Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Will the drivers assist riders?
Answer: Yes. They will assist riders on and off the bus, via steps or wheelchair lift, but they do not assist clients to or from the door.

Question: How much notice is required for the Dial-A-Ride service?
Answer: The earlier you make your appointment the better chance you will have of getting service. Appointments can be made 24-hours in advance, but at least three days notice is recommended.

Question: Is an aide allowed to travel with the rider?
Answer: Yes. An aide is allowed to ride with a client especially in cases where a disabled client needs assistance. The aide rides free of charge.

Question: Where can we go with the Dial-A-Ride service?
Answer: You can go Shopping (3 bag maximum), Medical Appointments, Nutritional Services, Hair Salon, Social Events, etc.

There is No Smoking, Eating or Drinking at any time on the buses.

Getting Ready To Go:

To help us keep on schedule, riders must be ready 1/2 hour in advance of the time they have scheduled.

Return Trip:

You must be ready at the time you scheduled for a return ride pickup. Your ride will arrive at that time or within 1/2 hour after the scheduled time.

No Show Policy:

If a rider is a No Show and the bus comes to the scheduled pick-up point he/she will receive a verbal warning. Second time he/she will receive a written warning. Third time he/she will be put on a will call list within the office and will not be able to schedule a trip for 30 days.