About Candystriper

The CANDYSTRIPER is a Local Bus Service (Deviated Flexible Route Service) available in Torrington, Winsted and Litchfield; Monday through Friday; and also Torrington Saturday is operated by Northwestern Connecticut Transit District.

  • The local bus service is a deviated flexible route service, which means the bus will travel 3/4 mile off its local bus route, upon request, to pick up riders.

Call (203) 753-2538 the day before travel to make arrangements for pick-up. You can also request drop-off within 3/4 mile of the bus route when you are on the bus; the driver will try to accommodate your request within 30 minutes.

  • Commuter bus service provides access to jobs in Torrington, Monday through Friday.
    All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

Click here to obtain bus route scheduled times and locations.

Riding the CANDYSTRIPER / Commuter Bus (Local Bus)

  1. Try to be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes ahead of the scheduled time.
  2. Get on the bus and pay the fare.
  3. Ask the driver for a transfer, if needed, when you get on the bus. A transfer is needed if you take another bus to get to the place you want to go. Transfers are FREE, good for continuing a one-way trip on the next connecting bus, but can't be used for your return trip.
  4. Service animals such as guide dogs can ride on the bus.

Plan Your Trip Before You Ride The Bus

You should know:

  1. Your starting point (where you can get on the bus).
  2. Your destination (where you want to get off the bus).
  3. The time you want to leave or when you want to reach your destination.
  4. The amount of the fare and how to pay.

Click here to learn how to read a bus schedule