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The following are Frequently Asked Questions for the Dial-A-Ride Service

Question: Will the drivers assist riders?
Answer: Yes. They will assist riders on and off the bus, via steps
or wheelchair lift, but they do not assist clients to or from the door.
Question: How much notice is required for the Dial-A-Ride service?
Answer: The earlier you make your appointment the better chance you will have of getting service. Appointments can be made 24-hours in advance, but at least three days notice is recommended.
Question: Is an aide allowed to travel with the rider?
Answer: Yes. An aide is allowed to ride with a client especially in cases where a disabled client needs assistance. The aide rides free of charge.
Question: Where can we go with the Dial-A-Ride service?
Answer: You can go Shopping (3 bag maximum), Medical Appointments, Nutritional Services, Hair Salon,
Social Events, etc.
Question: How much does it cost to ride the Dial-A-Ride?
Answer: Eldery (60 and up) ride on a suggested donation of $1.25. Disabled passengers $0.65, and Adults ride for $1.25.
There is No Smoking, Eating or Drinking at any time on the buses.
Getting Ready To Go:
To help us keep on schedule, riders must be ready 1/2 hour in advance of the time they have scheduled.
Return Trip:
You must be ready at the time you scheduled for a return ride pickup. Your ride will arrive at that time or within 1/2 hour after the scheduled time.
No Show Policy:
If a rider is a No Show and the bus comes to the scheduled pick-up point he/she will receive a verbal warning. Second time he/she will receive a written warning. Third time he/she will be put on a will call list within the office and will not be able to schedule a trip.

The following are Frequently Asked Questions for the CANDYSTRIPER

Question: Are buses wheelchair accessible?
Answer: Yes. All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts.
Question: Can I request to use the wheelchair lift if I do not have a wheelchair, but have difficulties with stairs?
Answer: Yes. Anyone can use the wheelchair lift if they feel they cannot use the bus stairs.
Question: Is there CANDYSTRIPER service on Saturdays?
Answer: The CANDYSTRIPER has limited service in Torrington only on Saturdays.
Question: Are service animals allowed on the bus?
Answer: Yes. Service-Animals can ride the bus.
Question: Can I request a transfer?
Answer: Transfers are FREE. Ask the bus driver for a transfer when you get on the bus.
Question: Where do I purchase bus tickets?
Answer: Bus tickets can be purchased from the drivers. Tickets are non-refundable.
Question: Do the buses run during a snowstorm or bad weather?
Answer: In event of cancellations or delays, announcements will be made on WZBG (93.7 FM) and Channel 5.
Question: How can I flag down a CANDYSTRIPER bus?
Answer: Stand at any safe corner along the routes and wave to the driver.
Question: How can I tell the CANDYSTRIPER and Dial-A-Ride buses apart?
Answer: The CANDYSTRIPER is red and white and the Dial-A-Ride buses are green and white.
Question: Can I make a reservation to be picked up a day early?
Answer: Yes. Call Northwest Connecticut Transit District at (860) 489-2535 to pre-book a pick-up.


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